2/28/2015 Dive Conditions

Lifeguards report poor dive conditions in La Jolla for today. Stormy out! Time: 7:30AM Air Temp: 58F Water Temp: 62F Surf: 3' ft. Visibility: … [Read more]

2/27/2015 Dive Conditions

Dive Site: La Jolla Shores Time: 8:45AM Water Temp: 57F Surf: 3-4' surf Visibility: 25' Surge & Current: Strong Sightings: 6 octopi, 2 were mating Dive Site: La Jolla Cove Time: 11:00AM Surf: Minimal, easy entry Visibility: Great vis, … [Read more]

Glowing Sharks in Scripps Canyon

Ever seen a glowing green shark? Kyle captured this amazing photo of a swell shark under fluorescent lights from our Scripps canyon dive today. We spotted 6 swell sharks along the ledges, and these sharks were fascinating to see in a new … [Read more]

2/26/2015 Dive Conditions

Lifeguards report fair-good dive conditions in La Jolla for today. Diving Scripps was a refreshing change from our normal La Jolla dives. Time: 7:30AM Air Temp: 52F Water Temp: 63F Surf: 2' ft. Visibility: 15' Surge: Light to moderate … [Read more]

2/25/2015 Dive Conditions

Lifeguards report fair-poor dive conditions in La Jolla for today Time: 7:55AM Air Temp: 53F Water Temp: 62F Surf: 1-2' ft. Visibility: … [Read more]