The Start of the 2015 Sevengill Shark Season

The sevengill sharks are back! We have been hearing numerous reports of freedivers spotting them in shallow water in the past week, and we finally saw our first shark. We had our first ever sevengill shark diving expedition on March 15th where we did a 3 tank guided dive from the boat. We had about 4-5 different sharks with 10 close encounters, so it was a successful and exciting day for everybody.

Sevengill shark diving 2015

sevengill shark la jolla cove 2015

On another dive we spotted a sea lion interacting with a sevengill shark:

And on another unique encounter we saw a sevengill shark being tailed by two 40 pound yellowtail, a rare fish to see in the Cove:

Our upcoming sevengill shark diving trips can be found on our calendar.

Glowing Sharks in Scripps Canyon

Ever seen a glowing green shark?

Kyle captured this amazing photo of a swell shark under fluorescent lights from our Scripps canyon dive today. We spotted 6 swell sharks along the ledges, and these sharks were fascinating to see in a new light!
Fluorescent swell shark scripps canyon

Biofluorescent swell shark sd expeditions
You may have heard of bioluminescence, another naturally occurring chemical process that causes crashing waves to glow at night or deep sea creatures to glow and flash. The difference between bioluminescence and biofluorescence is that bioluminescence is a chemical reaction that produces and emits light while animals that use biofluorescence just absorb and re-emit that light.

Not much is known about biofluorescence, but scientists think it is used for communication, camouflage, and mating purposes. These fluorescence proteins are a hot topic for biomedical research as well. Perhaps we should look more into this chemical reaction that produces vividly neon colors in such a wide variety of species such as: corals, jellyfish, rays, frogfish, pipefish, gobies, and even butterflies, and parrots!

Biofluorescent swell shark Kyle McBurnie

Proudly Announcing 4 New Rescue Divers!

Sd Expeditions Rescue Class
This past weekend large waves, strong surge, and ripping currents provided the perfect conditions for our PADI Scuba Rescue Class. Our 4 hard working divers went through an extensive and sometimes exhausting 3 days of training, but have learned so much as they are now certified Rescue Divers!
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Resident Sea Turtles of La Jolla

After hearing reports of snorkelers and divers spotting sea turtles near the Marine Room at La Jolla Shores, we decided to go for a quick sunset snorkel to see if we could find them. We kicked out of the Marine Room, and even though the shallows were quite murky and dark since the sun was setting, we spotted a round head poking out of the surface. As we neared, we found that he was quite large and friendly. He casually munched on algae and sea grass and didn’t seem to mind us at all.

Green turtle at La Jolla Shores

Snorkeling with sea turtle in La Jolla
As we kicked back, we spotted several leopard sharks darting away, as well as a curious sea lion, and even a pair of mating sheep crabs.
Mating sheepcrabs in La Jolla

Some divers mentioned that they saw as many as 3 turtles in the area during their snorkel recently. We are excited to be able to see and photograph these green turtles so easily right in our backyard, because who doesn’t love sea turtles?

2014 Photobook

The first photos of our 2014 Photobook are up! Our mission in creating this annual photobooks is that we can capture the growth of our company and remember the amazing memories our guests and friends help us create each year. This year was certainly one for the books, and nobody could have prepared us for the animals and incredible encounters we experienced this year. With the out of the ordinary weather, we were treated to smooth hammerheads and schools of molas that would make your head spin.
2014 SD Expeditions Photobook

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Now Offering SD Expeditions Gift Cards

Amazing visibility while diving at La Jolla Cove
Know someone that would love to breathe underwater, smell a whale’s breath, or swim with sharks without a cage? SD Expeditions now offers gift cards that can be applied to any of our ocean activities, and they never expire!

Gift cards can be purchased in any amount in increments of $50.

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2014 Photobook Now Available

SD Expeditions Annual Photobook

These images are from our first photobook in 2013. You’ll have to wait until it’s in your hands to see the beautiful images gracing the pages of this year’s 2014 photobook!

2014 certainly was a special year for us, and we’d like to share it with you.

Continuing our annual tradition of compiling our very best encounters from the year into a single book, the 2014 Photobook is here. We hope you enjoy this visually stunning book featuring Kyle McBurnie’s award-winning underwater photography, and we want to thank you for all of the amazing memories you’ve helped us create this year.

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‘Below’ Shown at 15th Annual San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition

Nick and Kyle’s video, Below, premiered on the silver screen Saturday evening during the San Diego Undersea Film Exhibition to a live audience of nearly 500 viewers. We were honored for our video to have been selected to be presented among those of some of the greatest underwater film makers.

Below is a film encompassing the magical waters off the coast of San Diego, showcasing local creatures from sea slugs to blue whales and all the kelp forests in between – if you have a moment, it’s worth a watch, we promise.

Announcing Mola Expeditions for 2015

Ocean sunfish mola mola school under kelp paddy
Ready to do Something Different?

With the extremely warm water this summer, it was only a matter of time before our personal favorite showed up… molas! This year we had a particularly amazing summer swimming with these charismatic and harmless animals, with schools of molas under kelp paddies and even coming out of the depths of blue water to surprise us while on our shark trips. We’ve seen sea lions eating mola carcasses and some of the largest molas to date.

We received a lot of interest in mola-molas from our guests, so in the summer of 2015, SD Expeditions will be the first to start offering mola-mola encounters – from July to September.

For more information on our Mola Expeditons for 2015, click here.

In the Water with Smooth Hammerheads

We experienced unusually warm water temperatures this year, and for the first time in many years – hammerhead sharks appeared in San Diego. By altering our chumming techniques and locations, we were able to offer Smooth Hammerhead diving – something no one else has done.

Although they have been spotted here in the past, very few divers have ever encountered a Smooth Hammerhead underwater. These sharks are large, shy, and very cautious. But once they got comfortable they provided a completely unique experience.

Watch our encounters with these amazing animals below: