1/25/2015 Dive Conditions

Dive Site: Vallecitos PointSD Expeditions Rescue Class
Time: 10:00AM
Max depth: 25 ft
Water Temp: 61F
Surf: 1′-3′
Visibility: Very strange, 20′ in shallows with patches of 0-5′ vis and strong surge that seemed to be the result of a lot of water moving from the very strong currents and surge
Surge: Strong
Current: Strong south
Sightings: Turbot, a lot of stringrays for it being winter time! Waves looked large at Boomers and were crashing around the Cove. Large surf, strong current, rip tides, strong surge, and weird patches of visibility made the final day of our rescue class challenging, yet rewarding.

Lifeguards report:
Time: 3:00PM
Water Temp: 62F
Air Temp: 69F
Surf: 3-4′
Visibility: <10′ at both Cove and Shores
Surge: Moderate to strong at both