1/26/2014 Dive Conditions

It was a beautiful day for diving. We saw lots of Octopi hiding in the
holes on the canyon wall. With a 4 ft Halibut laying on the top of the

Visibility - 30 ft in the shallows 20 ft on the wall.

Water temp 59 degrees.

On Jan 24, 2014 5:28 PM, “Alice Kao” <alicekao.ak@gmail.com > wrote:

Hey Nick,

So email to WordPress is all set up. Instead of tweeting, I’m going to have
you email them so they’ll post on the website instead.

To do this from your phone:

Email ‘Dive Conditions’ (I already added the contact “Dive Conditions” to
your gmail account, it should be k1n2a3sd@gmail.com)

Subject line: 1/25/2014 Dive Conditions (this will be the post title, make
sure to follow this same subject line each time)

And in the email body write your report:

Today was a great day of diving! Warm water and saw lots of lobsters out of
their holes.

Visibility: 20 ft. at La Jolla Cove
Swell height: 1-2 ft.

Something like that. You can take a look at
https://sdexpeditions.com/scuba-diving/la-jolla-dive-conditions/ to see what
kind of reports we’ve been doing.

And if you feel like it, you can also snap a picture and attach it to the
email and it will post along with your dive report.

Test it out tomorrow! Try to post them as early as possible.