1/6/2015 Dive Conditions

Lifeguards report good to excellent dive conditions for La Jolla this morning
Time: 7:25AM
Air Temp: 53F
Water Temp: 59F
Surf: Flat across SD
Surge: Light

Dive Site: La Jolla Shores V Point
Time: 9:00AM
Dive Time: 37min
Water Temp: 61F at surface, 57F at depth
Surf: None
Visibility: 30′
Surge: None
Sightings: Lots of octopi hiding in their holds, sheep crab climbing the canyon wall

Dive Site: La Jolla Cove
Time: 10:30AM
Air Temp: 65F
Water Temp: 59F
Surf: None, high tide
Visibility: +35′
Surge: None
Sightings: Harbor seal and sea lions were playful and the A Buoy is no longer attached. Usual suspects otherwise, great conditions to dive.