3/24/14 Dive Conditions

Dive Site: La Jolla Cove
Visibility: 20 feet
Current: westerly
Surge: strong
Temperature: Air 70F, Water 55F

Sightings: 3 Tope Sharks, 6 ft Seven Gill Shark! Purple sea hares, a sea lion carcass, and lots of sheep crab on the carcass. It was a really unique dive with all the sightings. I can't wait to get back out there tomorrow.

Dive Site: Vallecitos Point at La Jolla Canyon
Visibility: 5-10 shallows, 20 at Vallecitos Point
Surge: Moderate
Swell: 2 feet
Temperature: Surface 63F, 54F at depth

Sightings: A couple halibut, the usual resident wolf eel was feeling shy in his hole today. Saw several patches of squid eggs here and there. The murky vis definitely cleared up once we reached the point.