2/25/2014 Dive Conditions

*La Jolla Dive Conditions *

*Dive Site: Vallecitos point *

*Air Temp: 63 F*

*Water Temp: 55 F*

*U/W Visibility: 35 ft!*

*Current: none*

*Surge: none*

*Start Time: 8:30*

*Max Depth: 130 ft*

*Bottom Time: 30 min*

*End Time: 9:00*

*Sightings: First time going that deep in the canyon for a deep dive
specialty. We descended down the canyon at the crab patch by the boat
launch. We found a giant sheep crab and a 3 or 4 Yellow tail at 110 ft.
Some larger lobsters hiding in crevices down deeper as well. We came up
to the point and saw the wolf eel, a 3-4 ft halibut, octopi, yellow nudis,
a navanax, sea hares, lots of sea pansies, sand dollar beds are very
healthy and pipe fish were curled up in the sea grass. Beautiful dive

*This afternoon we went to La Jolla Cove *

*Buoy A *

*Water Temp 59 F*

*Max depth 28 ft*

*Vis 35 ft*

*It was a beautiful dive as well. Probably the best visibility i had ever
experienced at the cove. Calm water for the past few days has everything
very still down in the kelp. We saw the usual suspects looking for the
elusive 7 gill but not to be found. Go dive before this storm comes in. *

*Nick LeBeouf*


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