3/11/14 Dive Conditions

La Jolla Dive Conditions

Time: 8:00 am
Dive Site:  Vallecitos Point
Air Temp: 69F
Water Temp: 63 F at surface 57 F at depth
U/W Visibility: 10 – 12 ft
Current: slight south current
Surge: moderate in the shallows
Max Depth: 63 ft
Bottom Time: 37 min

Sightings: As we started out on the southern end of the canyon working our way north.  A group of Navanax were piling on each other.  Spotted 4 2 spot Octopi in holes and one was hanging out outside on the wall.  A few Purple Sea Hares munching on the algae. Wolf eel still hanging out in his home.  One 3 ft halibut on top of the canyon wall. Some nice size Sheep Head out hunting.  It was a good dive and it was nice to see all the other divers out this morning as well at least 30 other divers out on a Tuesday morning.

La Jolla Cove Conditions

Dive Site: Rock Pile – A Buoy
Air Temp: 75 F
Water Temp: 63 F
U/W Visibility: 15 ft
Current:  slight west current kicking out to the buoy
Surge: Very Strong
Swell Height: sets were breaking 4 ft in the cove at some periods.
Start Time: 10:30 am
Max Depth: 31 ft
Bottom Time: 52 min

Sightings: We descended at the edge of the kelp forest and played with a few Sheep Crabs of nice size on the way in.  Probably 200 lobsters were spotted in the rocks and crevices which look healthy and nice size. Nothing out of the ordinary in the Kelp today but it was a fun diving in the strong surge with good visibility. Kept a look out for 7 gills but none this dive. Haven’t seen any since the beginning of the month.

(Caution when diving the cove with big swells the entry and exit are most crucial.  I saw a few divers make attempts and rescued by the lifeguards today)