3/25/14 Dive Conditions

Dive Site: La Jolla Canyon
Time: 9:00AM
Max Depth: 105 feet
U/W Visibility: 30 feet in canyon, 10 feet in shallows
Surf: minimal
Water Temp: 63 F at surface, 54 F at depth

Dive Site: La Jolla Cove
Time: 11:00AM
Max Depth: 45 feet
U/W Visibility: 10 feet
Surf: 1 foot with sets of 3 feet
Water Temp: 63 F at surface, 61 F at depth
Sightings Lots of male sevengill sharks in the kelp! We had about 25 sightings, but it was difficult with the murky visibility. We had some amazing passes, some cruising directly right over our heads! Can’t wait to go back, sevengill season is officially on!