4/18/2014 Dive Conditions

Vallecitos Point
8:00 am
Visibility 10 ft
Surge was moderate
Swell 2-3 ft
68 f at the surface
57 f at max depth of 55 ft
We were observing a Turbot for a while in the sand with big sheep head
passing by. Sea hares on the climb up the wall in large numbers. It was a
fun dive for the lower visibility conditions

La Jolla Cove rock pile
10:30 am
Light surge
No surf entry
Green water 15 ft of vis
63 F at depth of 30 ft
70 F at surface
Sightings: The coolest part of this dive was a Bat Ray cruising by in the
kelp. We had the usual suspects out at the pile. It was a fun warm dive.

Vallecitos Point
3:00 pm
2-3 ft swell
Strong current on the wall heading south east.
58f at max depth of 66 ft
72 surface temp
Sightings: The best part of this dive was the bat rays feeding on the tube
worms. It was fun to witness them feed in large numbers. Atleast 12 of
them. Strong current at high tide didn’t clear up the water much as we
still had about 10 ft of vis.