5/15/14 Dive Conditions

Dive Site: Vallecitos Point
Time: 8:00 am
Air Temp: 90F
Water Temp: 52 F
U/W Visibility: 30 ft
Current: Moderate on the wall
Surge: none
Max Depth: 63 ft
Bottom Time: 43 min

Sightings: We had some nice lions mane nudibranchs on the kelp stalks. 3 different Halibut sightings. The Purple Sea Hares were sliding on the sea floor in numbers. It’s always nice to look across the canyon and see it bending when the visibility is over 30 ft!

Dive Site: Rock Pile
Time: 10:30 am
Air Temp: 93 F
Water Temp: 54 F
U/W Visibility: 25 ft
Current: None
Surge: None
Max Depth: 36 ft
Bottom Time: 49 min

Sightings: We saw 2 different Male 7 gills. The encounters were quite long for us. One male shark looked like it may have been tagged on it’s lower back just above the dorsal. The other smaller male swam by ever so gracefully giving us a nice close encounter. It was a great dive.