5/27/14 Dive Conditions

We had two dives this morning first was La Jolla Shores at V point was 54
F at 65 ft. There was a 2 ft surf entry with a south current on the kick
out. We spotted some horn sharks in the crevices’ on the canyon and 2
large Halibut. The fringehead were free swimming south of the point which
is always fun to see.

The 2nd dive was La Jolla Cove at the Rock Pile. It was 65F at 30 ft. The
visibility was 15 ft with moderate surge. No swell on the entry, coming
back in we had a set come through but we timed it right. Lot’s of Calico’s
in the kelp with sheep head. No tope sharks today but we did have a nice
pass by a sea lion. We finished both dives by noon. It was a great

*Nick LeBeouf*


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