5/8/14 Ocean Conditions

Went out on a Blue Shark trip today. We motored out past the Del Mar Canyon around 10 am.  We had 2 Blues stick around for a few hours.. which was incredible.  The water was a bit green with 40 ft visibility (this was surprising to us, usually we have at least 80 ft out there) 

We got out of the water to warm up to have some lunch when a few more blues came in between 4 and 6 ft.  They were all females, and they stuck around till around 4 pm. It was great to have sharks all day from 11:30AM on, and these blues were real players too. To top it off, on our way back to Mission Bay we found a large pod of Bottlenose Dolphin escorting a juvenile humpback.  From the breaths and sounds the whale was making along with the smell of the air it was breathing up, there seemed to be something wrong with it. We believe the dolphins were acting as escorts, and it made for a very magical encounter. We let them be and headed on home. It was an incredible day.