7/7/14 Dive Conditions

Sorry for the delay in dive conditions, the beaches were packed this holiday weekend!

Dive Site: Vallecitos Point
Time: 8:00AM
Water temp: 74F, 65F, and 58F at bottom
Max depth: 60′
Surge: None
Swell: None
Vis: 25 ft
Sightings: Angel shark! The mother octopus is dying 🙁

Dive Site: La Jolla Cove
Time: 10:30AM
Water temp: 73F
Max depth: 45′
Surge: Occasionally heavy, otherwise minimal
Swell: Occasional heavy, otherwise minimal
Vis: 15-30 ft
Sightings: Soupfin shark! Banded guitarfish, and lots of father garibaldis guarding their eggs.