8/26/14 Dive Conditions

Dive Site: La Jolla Shores
Time: 9:00AM
Water Temp: 73F on surface, 70F in shallows, 64F in canyon
U/W Visibility: clear – 25+ in shallows and canyon
Swell: 1 foot waves, calm
Current: Mild N current running longshore on the slope

Dive Site: La Jolla Cove
Time: 11:30AM
Water Temp: 73F on surface, 64F at 40 feet
U/W Visibility: Murky near shore with <5 feet of vis, but beautiful NE of buoy A with 20+ feet of vis Swell: 1-3 feet waves but long intervals for entry/exit
Surge: Heavy

Sightings: Marine life activity in the kelp today was abundant! Tope sharks, guitar fish, and many California barracuda

Waves picked up during the Cove dive and were curling into the cove upon exit, but because of the long intervals, the exit was still manageable. Heard from another dive shop that they closed the cove shortly after due to increasing surf breaking in the Cove.