9/29/2014 Dive Conditions

Dive Site: La Jolla Cove
Time: 8:30AM
Water Temp: 72F at surface, 63F at depth
Surf: None, flat as a pancake
Vis: 25′ in shallows, 20′ at depth
Sightings: The normal sightings plus a soupfin shark!

Dive Site: La Jolla Shores
Time: 6:30PM
Water Temp: 72F at surface, 61F at 40 ft.
Surf: 2′ with no power
Vis: 10′ in shallows, 30′ in canyon
Sightings: Octopus, banded guitarfish, 2 horn sharks, stingrays, schools of mackeral

Feels great to get back in the water!