SD ExpeditionsOur Philosophy

We are ocean fanatics.  We have spent our lives in, around, and beneath the beauty of the deep blue sea and have fallen madly in love with it.

Even so, we have only had a glimpse of what our oceans are capable of.  We have seen much and learned even more, yet are ever-captivated by what we find.  Would you believe that Great White Sharks are easily-frightened, cautiously inquisitive, and possibly social creatures?

Of course not, but we don’t want you to believe us – we want you to experience it for yourself.

Let us let you fall in love.  This is our goal, and our purpose.  We are not special people. With a little luck and some perseverance, we were allowed to experience the ocean in all its glory.  We believe that if every person were given the same opportunities and the same experiences that we were given, everyone would share in our passion.

Through SD Expeditions we strive to make this a reality.

We don’t simply teach you how to scuba dive, we ignite your curiosity.  To us, learning to scuba dive is the first step in immersing yourself in the final frontier and the wilderness that awaits below.  We believe that learning to scuba dive should be more than a set of skills and a certification test, learning to scuba dive should be your grand entrance into experiencing the wonders of our underwater world.

Yet scuba diving is not the only way to immerse yourself.

We pride ourselves in our expeditions.  With a thorough understanding of our environment and the animals we work with, we can ensure an elite level of safety, both for our guests as well as the animals.  A great expedition should be an enlightening experience. What begins as a sense of wonder and excitement should evolve into an understanding, a respect, and a compassion for the animal.  This is the SD Expeditions difference.  It is in this transformation that you create for yourself a wholesome experience you won’t be able to forget.

So take a step outside your comfort zone, and do something different.

In doing so, we hope that you will see for yourself how beautiful our oceans are, and you may just find that our planet’s waters are something worth being passionate about.



Nick Lebeouf Owner of SD ExpeditionsNick has many years of experience leading outdoor trips with an acute sense of safety and professionalism. He worked as an EMT for the California Department of Forestry before he worked as an EMT on the Kings River guiding white water rafting trips for 5 years. It wasn’t until he moved to San Diego in 2007 when he became SCUBA certified and a PADI Divemaster to lead Great White Shark Expeditions to Isla Guadalupe from 2007 til 2013.  Since the launch fo SD Expeditions, Nick has been featured on SharkWeek 2014 and 2015, SD Expeditions has been hired for the following companies with Nick’s knowledge on the pacific for the southern California area. BBC, 60 Minutes, National Geographic Wild, and local broadcasts. Nick also is contracted to work with other companies to lead and guide wildlife expeditions for

Certificates include but are not limited to Open Water Scuba Instructor, Divemaster, EFR Instructor, Boat Instructor, Deep Instructor, Digital Underwater Photography Instructor, DriftInstructor, Enriched Air Instructor, Equipment Specialist Instructor, Night Diver Instructor, Search & Recovery Instructor, Wreck Instructor, Tec Rec Trimix Blender Instructor, PeakPerformance Buoyancy Instructor, Project Aware Instructor, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Instructor, Care for Children w/AED Instructor