Blue Shark Diving San Diego – April 23rd

Nothing quite like going blue shark diving in the middle of the week (Tuesday) with clear blue seas and amazing skies!
Along with Fritz and Nora, we headed out from the dock at 8am aboard the Little Yellow Boat for a beautiful day on the water

Fritz already suited up and ready to get in the water

We had at least 3 different blue sharks come by and check out our chum, quickly coming by the back step to check out the boats’ shiny metal props. After a few minutes of acclimation, we slowly and quietly entered the water.

The first blue shark was fairly cautious, making a few passes before backing off

After our initial encounter, we all took a break for some lunch. Fritz only got half way through his sandwich before Captain Danny spotted another shark and everyone had to suit back up!


All in all it was another wonderful day of blue shark diving, and ended with a little bonus – Nora getting in the water with a pod of passing Bottlenose Dolphins! They didn’t stick around to play for too long, but it was a wonderful experience seeing wild dolphins underwater with 100 feet of visibility. Definitely not something you get to see everyday!

Stay tuned – our next Blue Shark Diving expedition is on May 18th!