Blue Shark Diving Kick-off with Everyday California


We met with Captain Danny Howard and his Little Yellow Boat at 8am at Dana landing in Mission Bay. His boat is nice because it’s easy to trailer, and we were able to load everything we needed for the day in the parking lot before launching the boat. There isn’t too much space on his boat, so we only packed the essentials – warm clothes, cameras, snorkel gear (masks, fins, and wetsuits), and beer.

We motored out 8-9 miles offshore, and as the sun began to break through the clouds we could tell the water clarity was amazing. As Captain Danny hooked up the chum, we hopped in for a swim around the boat.

Nick found a pelagic comb jelly drifting by in the current

Once the chum hit the water, it took about 2 hours for the first blue shark to show up. Chris Lynch from the top of the wheelhouse was the first to see it.


With the starting pistol fired, the race to suit up was ON.

Suited up and ready, 2 of us slipped into the water so as not to overwhelm our first shark. The shark backed away at first, then slowly started to investigate the new humans in its environment – keeping a precautionary safety margin by remaining 10 feet below the surface. Despite the excitement, we managed to keep everyone cool, calm and collected and the shark rewarded us, showing off her beautiful iridescent blue with some nice passes.

From then on, the blue sharks did not disappoint. For the next 5 hours we had 5 different sharks coming through, and a couple were confident enough to provide some really beautiful experiences. As long as we remained quiet and un-frightening, the sharks were happy to continue gracing us with their presence. Brian Stevens managed himself very well, and just continued to be in the right place at the right time.

By not getting too excited or making too much noise, Brian enjoyed one amazing encounter after another.

After about 5 hours of amazing shark action, we had just about had our fill. As the sun began to inch towards the horizon, the wind picked up and the water began to turn, so we decided to call it a day. We still had a shark around the boat, so I decided to hop in one last time and fire off a few more photos before starting up the engines.

The last shark was a small one, but you can begin to see the water going a little green.

With everyone back on board, we recounted the day and the sharks we had enjoyed. Captain Danny fired up the engines and we opened up some beers during the short ride back to harbor. While thinking over our amazing day, Danny let us know that as the water continues to warm up we’ll begin to have Mako sharks showing up during our snorkels as well.

We’ll be ready!