Blue Shark & Mako Shark Diving – An EPIC Trip!

Words and photos by Kyle McBurnie

We had an absolutely wonderful day last Wednesday (June 12) aboard the Yellow Charter Boat. The day was a little slow to get going, but just as the sun broke through the sky at around 3pm the action REALLY started to pick up. 3-4 Mako sharks, 2-3 blue sharks (one real special 6′ female), and six molas made for a day to remember.

Definitely one of my favorite videos I’ve put together thus far. Thanks to Greg Lecoeur for allowing us some of his awesome footage.

The day started out a little slow while the clouds remained thick over the sun. We put the chum out at the usual time of 10am and relaxed, sharing stories of past dive trips and future dream excursions…

blue shark diving san diego

Never a problem waiting for sharks to show up when you’re in good company!

At about 3-3.5 hours we had our first mako shark show up. Slowly entering the water, the mako stuck around in the fringes of the beautiful blue water (~80 feet of visibility), and made a couple decent passes before going on his way. Shortly after, we had what we guessed to be a mako jumping off in the distance, and about 15 minutes later a 7′ mako shark was at the chum buckets. Only Greg and Nick saw the large mako in the water, and everyone got to enjoy a very brief blue shark pass. We exited the water for a delicious lunch, and resumed ‘shark watch’.

mola mola

And then the Mola-Molas showed up.

While sitting in the water waiting for some action, we looked into the depth and saw 3 juvenile ocean sunfish coming directly towards us! They didn’t pay us too much attention, instead carrying along on their way – but were a good omen of things to come.

No more then half an hour later, 2 much larger mola’s showed up and decided they’d stick around and provide us with an awesome encounter. We swam alongside them as they hoped to be itched or have some parasites picked…. and looking around realized we ALSO had 2 blue sharks! Everyone was getting a piece of the action, whether enjoying the mola or interacting with the blues. We were in the presence of a phenomenal bit of nature at that moment.

Katie mola and blue shark

Katie getting some great Mola footage while curious blue sharks investigate what’s going on!

After the mola and blue shark madness, we regrouped a little closer to the boat, only to find one of the blue sharks had decided she was going to stick around. A six foot blue, she could not get enough of Captain Danny’s boat – repeatedly going back to investigate the sheen of his metal props.

Blue shark over under

Danny pointing out the blue shark from the surface

She stuck around for a good 2 hours or so, allowing for some really amazing interactions between all the guests. Keeping quiet and calm in the water allowed the shark to be more comfortable then if we had been splashing around – and she rewarded us with some awesome passes.

[one_half_first]Sean and blue shark[/one_half_first][one_half]Greg and blue shark[/one_half]

By following good shark diving techniques, this blue shark rewarded us with her presence for over 2 hours.

After a beautifully long day out on the water, we headed home to San Diego. Happy and fulfilled with our shark diving for the day, the whole crew was very grateful to the ocean for including us in such awesome nature.

blue shark san diego

Until next time!