6/22/13 Dive Conditions

Little better again. Hazy and still a little green but opened up to 15 feet, 18 in some calmer spots at the Cove - Canyon’s a couple feet better but also hazy. Hope for the trend to continue! Visibility: ~10-20′. Temperature: 69F at the surface, 64F on the bottom Swell height: 2-4′ Cove and Shores

6/19/13 Dive Conditions

Definitely a surf day. Nice solid swells rolling in from the SW, with enough W direction to wrap around the cove… Visibility at the Cove and Shores poor at 6-10′. Leopard sharks have just started to come in but probably worth waiting a day or two for some calmer water. Visibility: ~5-10′. Temperature: 64F Swell height: 3-5′ Cove and Shores

6/18/13 Dive Conditions

Sunny today! Visibility may be dropping a little bit, but it’s nice 15-20 feet at the Cove in some spots. Shallows at the shores is pretty murked up with the wind but hopefully will clear out again with the visibility. Night dive last night was amazing! 15-20 feet and octopus and bat rays everywhere! Visibility: ~15-20′ above the thermocline, 10-15′

6/13/13 Dive Conditions

Back from our blue shark trip yesterday which was EPIC! Today, La Jolla Cove is nice at the surface but not very much visibility down below. We kicked out to the A buoy underwater and had 5-10 feet of visibility under the 55F thermocline which sat at about 20 feet. Out past the A buoy in about 45 feet visibility

5/29/13 Dive Conditions

It’s a beautiful sunny day! The canyon was nice, great visibility in the shallows and good visibility past the thermocline - probably about 25′ above and below. La Jolla Cove was a different story. Looked good from shore and the surface where you’ve got a beautiful clear 15′, but the thermocline below has really mucked up the horizontal visibility. Expect

5/26/13 Dive Conditions

Morning was good again, visibility in the shallows and canyon a pleasant 15′. Visibility on the outer edge of the kelp at La Jolla Cove was a clear 20′ and very beautiful. Wind picked up around 10:30am and visibility in the shallows suffered a little bit.   Visibility: ~15′ Shores, 15-25′ Cove Temperature: 66 Swell height: 2-3′ Cove and Shores

5/23/13 Dive Conditions

Sorry divers, it’s another surfing day! Swell is pumping here at the shores with some overhead sets coming in. Wind is blowing hard as well around 10 knots so lets hope it calms down over the weekend! There may be a window of opportunity to dive Saturday, but forecast has swell picking back up to reach 7′ next Tuesday.  

5/22/13 Dive Conditions

It’s a surfing day today! Swell has been picking up for a few days and is in the range of 3-5′ this morning - reported decent visibility in the shallows at La Jolla Shores but scuba diving into the canyon has very limited visibility at 5′.   Visibility: ~5′ in the Canyon and at the Cove Temperature: 63 Swell height:

5/11/13 Dive Conditions

Beautiful again! Made a dive outside of the buoy at La Jolla Cove - probably 35 feet of visibilty at 40 feet, but with a 56 degree thermocline below 35 feet. Shores was nice as well, but began to degrade as the wind picked up - still clear a little deeper though!   Visibility: ~20-35′ at the Shores and Cove

5/9/13 Dive Conditions

ANOTHER beautiful day! Visibility at the cove was astounding, at times reaching 50′ to the north-eastern side of the buoy, with little surge. Wind picked up throughout the day but swell is still remaining low. Diving at the shores was gorgeous as well.   Visibility: ~25-50′ at the Cove, 35′-45′ at the Shores Temperature: 62F Swell height: 1-2′ Cove and