December 2013 Newsletter

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Introducing our new baby… Mola

SD Expeditions is upping their game. With your amazing support in 2013, we’re introducing a new member to our team – Mola.

The ocean sunfish, or mola-mola, is an interesting, open ocean traveler. With its unique shape and lifestyle, the mola-mola is truly something different, and we’re proud to have our boat bear the name.

She is a beautiful vessel, and the next time you’re in San Diego we’d love for you to meet her. She is opening the door to boat diving, whale watching, and a whole array of unique adventures all across San Diego (and into Baja).
2013 Photobook

Premiering our 2013 Photobook

Just in time for the holidays, we’re proud to announce our 2013 Photobook.  Here at SD Expeditions, we know you cannot join us for every adventure we have, so we’ve put together our favorite memories that you’ve helped us create this year.  Displayed as a beautiful hard-cover, the photobook features Kyle’s award-winning underwater photography so you can still be a part of the magic.  We plan to make this a yearly production, so we can look back in a few years and see how far we’ve come as a community.

For more information on our 2013 Photobook, click here and enjoy free shipping just in time for the holidays until December 12th.
A Great White Shark

A Great White Shark Encounter

On September 26, 2013 we had the great honor of witnessing a female great white shark in the wild during one of our blue shark trips.  It was a very moving experience for everyone on board, and if you haven’t seen the video yet, it is a must-see.

Watch the video on YouTube here.

Kelp Foreset

2013: The Beginning

We greatly value our community and wanted to take the time to show you the amazing things that happen with your support and our dedication.  Here is our year in review:

  • In March of this year, Nick and Kyle launched SD Expeditions.
  • In March, our first blue shark expedition was a complete success, and we went on to run 16 more this year.  Cross your fingers – there have been sharks on each and every trip.
  • In May, Kyle received national acclaim for his photo of a habor seal.  Kyle went on to place 1st in both the Monterey Shooutout and the Socal Shootout.
  • In June, SD Expeditions was contracted by the BBC: Natural History Unit to help them film and produce the show Deadly Pole to Pole.
  • SD Expeditions on Shark Week – Nick and Kyle were contracted by The Discovery Channel to shoot a segment for Shark after Dark.
  • In November, SD Expeditions acquired a beautiful new vessel for diving and expeditions alike.

We look forward to carrying our momentum into 2014 for another year of transformational encounters and experiences, and we hope you’ll join us.