La Jolla Snorkeling

The snorkeling in La Jolla is some of the best in all of California. If you’re vacationing in San Diego or just in town for the weekend, La Jolla snorkeling is an amazing activity for ocean-lovers and families alike. Whether you snorkel with the leopard sharks of La Jolla Shores or the caves and sea lions of La Jolla Cove, a guided snorkel tour is a great way to see our San Diego oceans. The shallow coastline of La Jolla makes it a gem for those who cannot scuba dive, but are still interested in seeing marine life. Snorkeling is not hard, and we spend ample time making sure you are comfortable with the equipment and techniques before entering the water- so that you can focus on enjoying all the amazing marine life right off the beaches of La Jolla!

Snorkel La Jolla

Join us for an amazing afternoon snorkeling in La Jolla. Our expert snorkel guides ensure your comfort and safety in the water, while also showing you all the amazing animals in our oceans. After a briefing on equipment and techniques, we provide you with all necessary gear: a wetsuit to keep you warm, a mask for you to see, a snorkel to breathe underwater, and fins to kick around. If you can confidently swim but have never snorkeled before, this is a great introductory experience. The leopard sharks are here from May – September. During this time, this is our most popular and recommended tour.