Blue Shark Diving & Mako Shark Freediving/Snorkeling

Experience the thrill of a cage-less encounter in a safe, professional environment with these sleek open ocean sharks. In San Diego, Blue Shpark diving was once a common trip in the 1990’s, but shark finning depleted this beautiful animal to critical levels. Drawing from interactions with scientists, fisherman and our own sightings, we believe the blue shark may be making a comeback – and we can do our part in facilitating their comeback by drawing awareness to these awesome animals.


If you’re ready to truly do something different come out with the SDE team and join us for Blue and Mako Shark diving off San Diego.

SD Expeditions uses all means necessary to provide you with a successful encounter. We are constantly monitoring weather conditions and keeping in touch with boat captains and experts to remain informed about current shark diving conditions.

We’ll head out in the early morning and quickly arrive at our Blue and Mako shark diving destination, where chumming will commence. It can take anywhere from 45 minutes to a few hours for the sharks to show up, and once the sharks show up, the fun begins.

On the way home we’ll answer any questions you have about the interactions we experienced. As you know, the ocean is full of a diversity of marine life – and we won’t limit any experience.  If you’re interested, we’ll gladly stop for Common and Bottlenose dolphins, sea lions and Harbor seals, or the Mola Mola (ocean sunfish).   We want you to experience the ocean in all it’s glory, and we’ll hold nothing back.

So join SD Expeditions for a unique and different encounter, and experience the thrill of blue water shark diving.


  • Meet at Mission Bay at 7:45 am.
  • Board the boat at 8 am.
  • Listen to the captain’s Coast Guard safety briefing.
  • We will head out to our Blue and Mako shark diving destination and begin chumming!
  • On the way out we will discuss in detail how to safely dive with these sharks.
  • We will dive all day and aim to return to the dock by 6 pm, depending on the guests and conditions we could be back at a different time.
  • We will stick around and be happy to answer any and all questions you have!

The boat we will be using is a 25 foot center console, six-pac local dive boat meant for the open ocean. It is fully Coast Guard registered and certified vessel equipped with all standard safety equipment. Rated to hold 6 passengers, we carry 4-6 guests.

Food and beverages are provided to keep you energized over the duration of the trip – if you have any special requests, feel free to let us know.

Wilderness Disclaimer:

At SD Expeditions we use all means necessary to provide you with the safest interaction possible. We are diligent about checking the latest weather reports and updates to remain well informed. However, we are out in the open ocean, and if weather conditions do not cooperate, we may need to head back early.

We only offer this excursion at peak times of the year for Blue and Mako shark encounters. Although highly unlikely, there is a chance you may not see a shark – we’re not in a theme park with domesticated animals, nor would we want to be. The excitement of not knowing exactly what you will see or encounter in the open ocean is what makes this excursion so amazing.