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Production crews San Diego

You get to San Diego – we’ll take care of the rest.
Film and TV crews San DiegoIf you’re looking to capture a unique animal or behavior on film, we can design a trip specifically for you – depending on your budget and time allotted we can advise on the best conditions to ensure you the closest encounters possible.

We maintain close relationships with the ocean community throughout Baja and Southern California. Pulling from a wealth of knowledge about any and all marine life in the area allows us to reasonably predict the optimal season and locations for the animal you’re looking for. Using our network of dive boats, equipment, and scientists we can fix the shoot you’re looking for.

Please contact us so we can discuss your needs and personalize your expedition.

Who we have worked with

SD Expeditions has had the pleasure of working with many top television shows and photographic journalists from all over the world.

We offer custom charters to film crews and photographers to help capture some of the most stunning imagery.