Filming with Stig Severinsen and 60 Minutes Australia

We had the honor of taking out 60 Minutes Australia and Stig Severinsen this week to film some blue shark diving and some beautiful kelp shots. Stig is a four-time world champion freediver and holder of multiple world records. He’s held his breath for 22 minutes and freedives under ice in speedos for fun. So you can imagine why 60 Minutes Australia would want to film a segment on him!

On our first day of filming, we took Mola out on one of her first trips ever to do some blue shark diving. Even though we only got one blue shark, it was a fun day out on the water with beautiful weather and good company.

Stig split shot
On our second day of filming, we decided to take it to the kelp forests to film some sequences of Stig diving below the golden kelp.

Stig filming
Steve, the presenter, had taken Stig’s class and also dove in several sequences with Stig… he did very well and kept up with the world champion freediver.


Kyle was lucky enough to be contracted as 60 Minutes’ primary underwater cameraman! He also did his share of freediving to while filming Stig and Steve.

Some silhouetted swim throughs…

The elkhorn kelp, or Pelagophycus is a very unique and eerie looking algae, and Kyle and Stig got some nice segments freediving through them.

Stig getting some sunburst action above the camera.

All in all it was a wonderful time having 60 Minutes Australia out with us, and we hope to see them again in the future for some more adventures!

We’ll be sure to keep our audience posted when we hear of an airing date.