Scuba Diving with Andria in La Jolla

Photos by Kyle McBurnie


Andria and I had a couple of wonderful dives in La Jolla today. Surf was a little bigger than normal but Andria toughed it out – and we were rewarded with 25 to 30 feet of visibility in the canyon. We saw plenty of the normal critters, and a 4 horn sharks! They seem to be everywhere along Vallecitos point, in about 50 feet of water. Andria even found one hiding in the sea grass (photo above).

After we finished up our scuba dive at La Jolla Shores, we drove over to the Cove for another shore dive. La Jolla Cove was pretty at the surface, but very murky down below, only about 5 feet of visibility on the bottom. We kicked out past buoy A to find some clearer water, and played with a sea lion for a little bit. On the way to our safety stop we managed to find beautiful blue water and shot off a nice photo of Andria in the kelp!

A great day, both above and below the surface.