La Jolla Cove 2015-10-31

Report date 2015-10-31 10:40am
Dive Site: La Jolla Cove
Dive Rating: Average
Site notes: The swell was not to bad and surf was moderate, but because high tide was rolling in there was lots of surge and the visibility was very bad in the shallows (3-5ft). There was definitely a bit of Southern swell.

Visibility: 10ft 
Water Temp Surface: 72F 
Water Temp Depth: 72F 
Surge: Medium 
Surf: 2ft 

Dive notes:

Happy Halloween! The visibility opened up to about 12ft past the A buoy, but was an average of 10ft throughout the dive. The giant kelp is very scare now because of the warm water temperatures and the crazy high tides/swell we've had this week. You can find large wracks of it at the Shores. We saw the usual suspects (CA Spiny Lobsters, Wavy Top Snails, Urchins galore and tons of urchin tests, Abalone, Garibaldi, Sheephead, Kelp Bass, Rock Wrasse, but the best treat of all was seeing the resident Sea Turtle cruising around in the kelp. It was amazing and definitely the highlight of the dive!

Report by: Katie Kozma DM

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