Sevengill Sharks in Full Force!

Wanted to give everyone a little heads-up to come check out the sevengill sharks we’ve been seeing at the La Jolla Cove. Since the water warmed up last week they’ve been out and about on almost every dive we’ve done in the area. If you’ve never been scuba diving La Jolla Cove before, now would be the time to do it.

Jay checking out a male sevengill passing by. We tend to see them most frequently travelling the bottom, and if you happen to come upon one watch for them to dip their head and position themselves a little lower towards the sea floor (perhaps a cautionary defensive stance?)

Sevengills have been in and around San Diego for some time now, but they seem to be increasing in frequency. No one really has a population baseline for them so we can’t say for certain, but we’re going to begin collecting some scientific data and information to play with to see if we can decipher anything about these awesome creatures.


You’ll know you’re seeing sevengill sharks by their slow movements and blunt nose.


Their golden eyes really pierce you as they pass by.