8/4/2013 La Jolla Scuba Diving Conditions

It’s been a long hiatus, but we’re back to uniformity! After filming with the BBC, a week-long blue whale expedition, and a Discovery Channel production for Shark week (watch us this Wednesday 8/7 at 11pm on ‘Sharks after Dark’), we are ecstatic to be back and diving in La Jolla regularly.

Conditions are flat today! Very little wind, although the marine layer doesn’t look like it will be breaking through anytime soon. Visibility is nice, clear in the shallows (20′) and about 15′ in the canyon, although it’s a little cold!

Visibility: ~15-20′ Cove and Shores
Temperature: 64F at the surface, 56F on the bottom
Swell height: 1-2′ Cove and Shores