9/28/13 Dive Conditions

It’s staying beautiful out! Another cloudless, hot San Diego day that makes the cool ocean water feel great as it slides in through your wetsuit zipper. Decent visibility at both La Jolla Shores and La Jolla Cove, with very little swell or surf to speak of, although some surge was definitely present. 10-20′ at La Jolla Cove (better farther out), and about the same at La Jolla Shores. 68F at the surface, 60F down at 45 feet, and then a third thermocline at 75 feet and a chilly 53F. Good day for diving!

Visibility: ~10-20′ La Jolla Cove & Shores
Temperature: 67F at the surface, 60F on the bottom
Swell height: 1-2′ Cove and Shores, occasional 3′