La Jolla Shores 2015-10-18

Report date 2015-10-18 11:00am
Dive Site: La Jolla Shores
Dive Rating: Great
Site notes: Surf and surge was down, tide was high and visibility was amazing so we went out for another dive on the Canyon Wall.

Visibility: 25ft 
Water Temp Surface: 72F 
Water Temp Depth: 72F 
Surge: Light 
Surf: 1ft 

Dive notes:

Went North along the wall to see if we could find anything good at the Crap Patch. Saw a total of 5 different Octopuses and one was a real player that was changing color and texture right before our very eyes. There were Sea hare eggs all over the place, but no Sea hares to be found :(. We had a special appearance by a pinecone at depth that we found while looking through the Crap Patch. On our way back into the shallows we came across a kelp hold fast that was the home to a very special Hedgepeth Sea hare.

Report by: Katie Kozma DM

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