La Jolla Shores 2015-11-07

Report date 2015-11-07 8:45am
Dive Site: La Jolla Shores
Dive Rating: Great
Site notes: Super flat, no surge, barely any surf, and great visibility in the shallows and on the canyon wall.

Visibility: 25ft 
Water Temp Surface: 70F 
Water Temp Depth: 70F 
Surge: Light 
Surf: 1ft 

Dive notes:

Visibility was very nice today and the water is still very warm. Still not much life out on the canyon, but we did get to see a Navanax, Two-Spot Octopus, CA Spiny Lobster, some big Sheephead and some Swimming crabs. It's beautiful out at V Point.

Report by: Katie Kozma DM

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