La Jolla Leopard Shark Snorkel


New to the ocean? Experience the easiest and safest way to see sharks in the water.  Snorkeling in La Jolla! Join us for a great family outing – if you can swim, you can snorkel.

Beginning in late May and continuing through early October the female leopard sharks around San Diego make there way into the shallow sand flats of La Jolla Shores.  Many of the females are pregnant, and new research suggests they come in to the warm, shallow water of La Jolla Shores to speed up the incubation of their young (who hatch inside their mothers and are nourished by the yolk!)

So join us and snorkel La Jolla with our famous leopard sharks in the calm, and shallow waters in front of the Marine Room at La Jolla Shores.  You can expect to see dozens of leopard sharks swimming up and down the shoreline as they peruse the sand flats looking for the clams, crabs and mollusks they feed on.  Typically only 3-4 feet as mature adults, leopard sharks are completely harmless to humans.  They are actually quite shy, and the less noise and splashing we make the closer the encounter.

Along with the La Jolla leopard sharks, during our snorkel you can expect to see a variety of other bottom feeders. We’ll see the peculiar shovelnose guitarfish (an animal that looks half ray half shark), round rays, and butterfly rays among others.  Before we head out into the water with our snorkel gear, we’ll teach you the sting ray shuffle to keep you, and the rays, safe.

 Interesting Facts:
  • The La Jolla Leopard Sharks can give birth to up to 37 young after a 10-12 month gestation period
  • By coming in to the shallows of La Jolla Shores, the mothers increase their body temperature by about 5 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Female leopard sharks have the ability to store sperm, and often give birth to litters that can be traced back to multiple fathers!
  • Once the females have given birth, they return North to the colder water, searching for food and a new mate.


What We’ll Do:

  • Meet your dive masters at Kellogg Park at the time of your snorkel.
  • Be fitted out for your wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins.
  • Listen to a brief description of the La Jolla Leopard sharks and how to snorkel safely.
  • Learn the sting ray shuffle.
  • Once outfitted, we will lead you down a 5 minute walk to the snorkel site and enter the water.
  • We will snorkel for about an hour and a half with the La Jolla leopard sharks.
  • We’ll stick around and be happy to answer any and all questions you have!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the leopard sharks dangerous?

No. The leopard sharks are bottom feeders -meaning they eat little worms and crustaceans along the ocean floor. They are timid and do not pose any threat to humans.

What’s included in the price?

Everything you need! Mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit and tour guide.

How long is the snorkel tour?

We will meet 30 minutes before getting in the water to get suited up with rental gear. Expect to be in the water for an hour and a half.

Trip Information


May through September


La Jolla Shores

Number of Guests:

2 minimum