Make a wish

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) – Swimming with sharks may not sound like a wish that most would pursue, but for one brave boy battling health issues, it was a “Make-A-Wish” come true.

On Sunday, Mason Rodnick celebrated his ninth birthday, and his Make-A-Wish to swim with sharks came true Monday off the San Diego coast. The Make-A-Wish Foundation flew Mason, his big sister Maddi and their parents out from Maryland to swim with sharks. San Diego Expeditions made Mason’s wish come true. Mason also got to see dolphins, whales and ocean sunfish. Mason has leukodystrophy, a degenerative disease affecting the central nervous system.

“It was pretty phenomenal seeing him swim with sharks,” said Mason’s sister, Maddi. Make-A-Wish Foundation grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. “Mason is the bravest wish kid I have seen so far,” said Ashley Irving with the Make-A-Wish Foundation San Diego chapter.

Monday was a day that Mason and his family did not have to think about being sick. “It’s definitely by far the most special charter we have ever done. It’s an honor to actually make his wish come true,” said Nick Lebeouf, San Diego Expeditions’ co-owner. The Make-A-Wish Foundation San Diego reports last year they granted wishes to 200 kids in the San Diego area. More than 270 children across the nation experienced wishes in San Diego.