Mako Sharks, Society of Lady Divers, OH MY!

Mako sharks were abound on June 15, and the members of Society of Lady Divers were not going to be missing out. Everyone was pumped up for the day ahead of us, and we snapped a quick photo as foreshadowing of the sharks to come!

Society of Lady divers shark diving

Obligatory Society of Lady Divers photo!

We headed out from the dock as usual, captain Danny of Yellow Charter Boat Inc. at the helm. Once we arrived at our shark spot, we threw in the chum and awaited our sharks… The water has been warmer lately, with long fingers of warm surface-water creating conditions more favorable for mako sharks rather then blue sharks – which tend to prefer the colder waters found farther offshore.

In record time (45 minutes!) the sound of a SPLASH at the chum buckets jumped everyone off their seat. Quickly realizing there was a mako shark already interested in our chum, Nick got in to investigate and confirmed that there were TWO mako sharks – so the chunk feeding began to keep them interested. I suited up as Nick decided to be topside supervisor for the beginning, and we decided that Mark would be joining me initially.

San Diego Mako shark diving

Mark and myself hopped in – and it didn’t take long for Mark to be thrown into the thick of it, with two mako sharks coming right up to his GoPro!

By handling himself wonderfully in the water, Mark managed to keep the mako sharks around for some awesome encounters! He held his space without chasing the makos or making a lot of noise, which kept the sharks comfortable enough to swim by for some awesome passes.

[one_half_first]Mako shark san diego[/one_half_first][one_half]Mako shark profile[/one_half]

We could not have asked for more cooperative Mako sharks, who came by to show off their awesome form and beauty in front of our eyes and cameras.

The first 2 mako sharks hung out for about 2 hours, before deciding they were happy with the amount of investigating they had done. After a brief lunch and interlude, we enjoyed a couple more makos who were happy to swim the whole length of the line, all the way up and past the boat so everyone could see them from every angle.

mako shark diving

One by one, the mako shark passed by every diver!

After a couple more hours, we decided to call it a very great day and headed back for land. All in all an amazing trip with great friends, and we hope to see Society of Lady Divers out again soon – hope everyone had fun!

sun burst mako diving

Another amazing trip!

Words and photos by Kyle McBurnie