March 13, 2014 Dive Conditions

*La Jolla Dive Conditions *

*Date: 3/13/14 Time: 3:00 pm*

*Dive Site: Buoy A La Jolla Cove *

*Air Temp: 80 F*

*Water Temp: 64 F at surface 61 F at depth*

*U/W Visibility: 20 ft*

*Current: none *

*Surge: moderate in 20 ft or less*

*Swell: 2 ft*

*Max Depth: 31 ft*

*Bottom Time: 47 min*

*Sightings: A Tope shark passed by real fast, lots of lobsters and
Calico’s. The sheep head are out and about. Was out looking for 7 gills
but didn’t find any. Great dive and good vis.*

*Nick LeBeouf*


Cell: (619) 508-6580