Resident Sea Turtles of La Jolla

After hearing reports of snorkelers and divers spotting sea turtles near the Marine Room at La Jolla Shores, we decided to go for a quick sunset snorkel to see if we could find them. We kicked out of the Marine Room, and even though the shallows were quite murky and dark since the sun was setting, we spotted a round head poking out of the surface. As we neared, we found that he was quite large and friendly. He casually munched on algae and sea grass and didn’t seem to mind us at all.

As we kicked back, we spotted several leopard sharks darting away, as well as a curious sea lion, and even a pair of mating sheep crabs.

Some divers mentioned that they saw as many as 3 turtles in the area during their snorkel recently. We are excited to be able to see and photograph these green turtles so easily right in our backyard, because who doesn’t love sea turtles?