Scuba Diving San Diego in the Summer

Scuba Diving in San Diego has been wonderful this summer, with lots of animals to see (many interesting migrations going on), we have been very lucky! From scuba diving throughout La Jolla, to the wrecks of Mission Beach and beyond, the water has been gorgeous. We absolutely love scuba diving our San Diego kelp forests, as you really never know what you’re going to find, and when the visibility is nice it’s a dive unlike any other.

When the sunlight shines through the kelp and the fish are out and about, the kelp forests of San Diego are an amazing place to get underwater and scuba. It can be a little more advanced then the sand flats of La Jolla Shores, but is well worth the attempt.


Regardless of whether or not the kelp forests are nice, the sand flats are home to an amazing diversity of marine life, and a very unique ecosystem. When diving in San Diego and La Jolla, we often pass over the sand flats on our way to the submarine canyon. We often find horn sharks, octopus, bat rays and leopard sharks abound during our scuba dives!

Being beneath the waves is amazing, and even the animals that some people find annoying are beautiful! Sting rays are a common animal to encounter during the summertime in San Diego – but instead of stepping on them we find snorkeling with them can be an eye-opening experience to just how many rays there are in our waters, and how best to avoid them (sting ray shuffle!).