Beautiful Day for a La Jolla Scuba Dive!

The sun has been peeking out earlier and earlier, and is making for some beautiful scuba diving in La Jolla. So, to celebrate, we took our newest certified diver Justin out to enjoy the kelp forests of La Jolla Cove.

Justin scuba diving la jolla

We hopped in the water to find beautiful blue water, and about 25 feet of visibility!

We began by taking our time, and getting used to diving the kelp forests as opposed to the sand flats of La Jolla Shores. On the way out, we spotted Garibaldi, plenty of topsmelt and opaleye, and descened on a group of sea lions that decided to stick around and play with us for about ten minutes. As we left the sea lions, we continued into the heart of the kelp forest…

It wasn’t long before we looked down, and spotted a sheep crab walking around the rocky bottom. Justin stopped to pose for a picture, and then gently returned the sheep crab to the ground and we went on our way.

The kelp stalks are doing healthy out at the cove, the cold water seems to have stemmed much of the degradation we were seeing earlier in the unnaturally warm months of March and April, to the great enjoyment of our divers.

Justin being silly on our dive.

As we rounded out the end of our 45 minute scuba dive, (a new personal record for Justin) we turned a corner during our safety stop only to find a giant black sea bass resting peacefully in the water column, unnerved by our presence! The bass came right up to Justin and myself, and swam with us for a minute or so before going on its way and allowing us to end our dive.


It was a wonderful way to end our beautiful scuba dive at La Jolla Cove, and we hope to see you again soon Justin – have fun in Indonesia!