La Jolla Night Diving

Ready to see La Jolla in a new light (or lack of)? Even if you have scuba dove San Diego many times before, the moment the sun sets, the underwater scene starts to change as day creatures withdraw, and the nocturnal creatures begin to appear. It may seem strange to head to the beach and dive underwater in the darkness, but a whole new world is available to explore by the light of your dive light.


Full scuba gear rental included in price, just show up in your swimsuit!

La Jolla Night Diving

The submarine canyon accessible from La Jolla Shores that extends 800 feet down not only brings nutrient-rich waters to La Jolla through a oceanic process called upwelling, but also causes marine creatures and predators to come out of hiding to feed at night. Animals that normally look dark and monochromatic during the day can look vibrant and colorful under a dive light.

Just a 10 minute kick out from shore, our night dive takes place at the same dive site as our La Jolla Shores guided scuba dives earlier that morning. We recommend being at least PADI Advanced Open Water Certified to dive at night, but your guided night dives could also count towards your Night Diver Specialty Certification!

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