Diving Point Loma Kelp Beds

Diving the Point Loma kelp beds is a special treat for any diver. Accessible only by boat, the unique bottom structure creates the perfect environment for numerous popular kelp dive sites. An often overlooked dive location, on a calm day, the kelp here can be absolutely mesmerizing.

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Diving Point Loma Kelp Beds:

Scuba diving the kelp beds of Point Loma is a refreshing change from diving the popular Wreck Alley or shore diving in La Jolla. There are a variety of dive sites from shallow to deep for divers of all kind from shallow golden kelp for beginners, nudibranch havens for the macro photographer, deep reef structures, or even unique features such as urchin fronts or full-sized railroad train wheels. Some of our favorite scuba dive sites include: New Hope Rock, Ancient Sea Cliffs, Horsehead Reef, Donut Hole, Train Wheels, Dino Head and many more.

What you can see
The thick kelp here is full of surprises. We’ve seen the largest family of lobsters we’ve ever seen in a single hole, harbor seals, and even a gray whale passing by the edge of the kelp bed! Other marine life include: colorful nudibranchs, beautiful gorgonian sea fans, and large numbers of fish such as garibaldi, sheephead, rockfish, yellowtail, barracuda