Sevengill Shark Expedition Review

Daniele is from our very first Sevengill Shark Expedition of 2015 that ran on March 15th. He has come on a blue and mako shark trip in the past, and he traveled all the way from Italy to dive with us again.

“As shark fanatic, I joined many trips around the world focused on shark diving in the last 20 years. There are trips that flop, there are trips that go really well and then there are those expeditions that you never forget because they exceed all expectations. Sunday, March 15, the sevengill shark trip with SD expeditions falls unquestionably into the third category because it delivered consistently amazing encounters with the elusive sevengill sharks.

The trip started with a really unusual encounter with a big sea lion eating a leopard shark on the surface….I had the possibility to swim very close to this strange scenario and to take some great images. After that, we started a long day of diving at La Jolla bay, with 3 dives. We had a progression of one sevengill during the first dive, two in the second and three different animals in the third. In all honesty, during the third dive the sevengills seemed to always be present, came really close to us and photo opportunities were excellent.

After the great shark activity, while we were heading home, Kyle and Nick, the two co-leaders of the trip, gave their best effort to show me the beautiful gray whales, with full success again.

Additionally, the dive boat was perfect and the dive gear that I rent in excellent conditions. In conclusion, I would like to thank you Nick and Kyle for the extreme courtesy and professionalism and SDexpeditions is definitively recommended for shark fanatic as me and for all lovers of big animals”.

– Daniele Andreini from Milan, Italy