The Long-Anticpated Return of the Blue Sharks

The last time we saw a blue shark on a shark trip was June of 2014. The abnormally warm water temperatures last summer that persisted through this winter made our shark trips unpredictable – we were chumming up smooth hammerheads instead of the normal blue and mako sharks. The water temperature was sitting at a toasty 73F, and there were some unusual ocean sightings by divers and fishermen such as a manta ray at San Clemente and a whale shark Catalina Island!

Even through winter the water temperatures were warmer than normal, and we mostly only saw small makos on our shark trips when we would normally see mostly blue sharks. It was not until mid March that we had our first two beautiful and large blue sharks. You can imagine our how ecstatic we were as we geared up to get in the water with our favorite sharks for the first time in almost a year.

Blue shark split shot

Blue shark diving san diego
We were so excited to see the blues again, and it was almost as if the blue sharks missed us too, because that day we had a 5 foot and a 7 foot blue shark hang around the boat all day. The next trip we ran in April 9th was another success with 2 blue sharks lazily circling our boat all afternoon, allowing every diver as much time in the water with them as they’d like. We had some divers on the boat who were nervous and slightly fearful of the sharks, but after they got in the water with them and had a first hand experience of what a shark is really like, they came out of the water beaming. These are always our favorite trips where we can see actually see the change in each person’s mentality towards sharks once they have had an intimate encounter. They later told us that it was such a memorable and incredible experience that they couldn’t stop talking about it for days.
Cageless blue shark diving gopro
The sharks were so curious and playful on both trips that the guests and our photographer, Kyle McBurnie, had endless opportunities for shark photos.
Shark diving selfie

Freediving with blue sharks in the open ocean
Here are some photos our guest @b_nelson_mandela from Instagram got on his trip:
@B_nelson_mandela from instagram

@b_nelson_mandela from Instagram
The blue shark that hung around our buckets for so long even allowed us to launch the drone to get some footage of it circling our boat:

Since we are not sure how long the blue sharks will stick around for (they disappeared in June of last year), we have opened up lots of trips for the next coming weeks which are going very fast. View our calendar for upcoming trip dates.