The Start of the 2015 Sevengill Shark Season

The sevengill sharks are back! We have been hearing numerous reports of freedivers spotting them in shallow water in the past week, and we finally saw our first shark. We had our first ever sevengill shark diving expedition on March 15th where we did a 3 tank guided dive from the boat. We had about 4-5 different sharks with 10 close encounters, so it was a successful and exciting day for everybody.

Sevengill shark diving 2015

sevengill shark la jolla cove 2015

On another dive we spotted a sea lion interacting with a sevengill shark:

And on another unique encounter we saw a sevengill shark being tailed by two 40 pound yellowtail, a rare fish to see in the Cove:

Our upcoming sevengill shark diving trips can be found on our calendar.